Gdańskie Spotkania Literackie

All in One – a series of performance art pieces prepared for Found in Translation  

In addition to the second Gdansk Meetings of Literary Translators Found in Translation, we will have the opportunity to see the literature-inspired performance art pieces titled All in One, during which a writer meets a theatre director, a poet meets a choreographer, and a female writer meets an interdisciplinary group of artists. The City Culture Institute invites everyone to Found in Translation, which takes place on 9—11 April!

The pieces have been prepared exclusively for the Found in Translation festival by Julia Fiedorczuk and Marta Ziółek, Olga Tokarczuk and IP Group, and Ignacy Karpowicz and Katarzyna Szyngiera. The curator of the series is Aleksandra Jach – a historian and an art critic.

Good translation is not about linguistic knowledge. It is about empathy towards a context in which a work of art appears, and which makes it possible for the work of art to operate in altered circumstances. If we thus define the process of translation, its result is a symbiosis which is beneficial to all the participants (including readers/audiences). 

Mass production of content is not a science fiction idea – books are indeed produced according to certain popularity algorithms. They are considered as yet another data base which should be easy to digest.

But literature is not information. It is a complex network whose uniqueness lies in poiesis – that is the action of transforming the world. The performative translation is the sign of the symbiosis which links the parallel worlds, without reducing them. All is one – says curator of the project Aleksandra Jach.

The thirty-minute pieces are included in the programme of the Meetings. On 9 April, during the breaks between the discussion panels taking place in the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, two of them are going to be presented, namely: Was the snake a snake, and the apple – an apple?, which draws its inspiration from the works of Julia Fiedorczuk, directed by Marta Ziółek, and performed by Marta Ziółek and Agnieszka Kryst; and OR die, which owes its inspiration to the books by Olga Tokarczuk, created by IP Group and Marta Malikowska. The third performance is based on the prose of Ignacy Karpowicz, who participates in the project, and it is titled None of it is mine. It has been directed by Katarzyna Szyngiera and is performed by Magda Wrani-Stachowska. It is going to be presented on 10 April in the City Culture Institute.


9 April, 18.30, Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre

Was the snake a snake, and the apple – an apple? – a performance drawing its inspiration from the works of Julia Fiedorczuk. Directed by Marta Ziółek. Performed by Marta Ziółek and Agnieszka Kryst.

9 April, 21.30, Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre

OR die – a performance owing its inspiration to the books by Olga Tokarczuk. Director: Łukasz Twarkowski. Dramaturgy: Anka Herbut. Video: Jakub Lech. Music: Bogumił Misala. Performed by: Marta Malikowska – they are all members of IP Group.

10 April, 17.30, the Vestibule of the CCI

None of it is mine – inspired by the prose of Ignacy Karpowicz. It is directed by Katarzyna Szyngiera, and performed by Magda Wrani-Stachowska and Ignacy Karpowicz.