PRELIMINARY EVENTS | January—April 2015, Gdansk

16 January—21 March

Workshops for translators of English literature into Polish

HOST(S): Agnieszka Pokojska

5 March—2 April

Adaptations—interpretations—madness – film adaptations of William Shakespeare’s plays

CURATOR(S): Olga Katafiasz

The following films will be presented: Hamlet (directed by Svend Gade and Heinz Schall), The Tempest (directed by Julie Taymor), The Angelic Conversation and The Tempest (directed by Derek Jarman), My Own Private Idaho (directed by Gus Van Sant), and Ophélia (directed by Claude Chabrol).

Each presentation will be preceded with an introductory lecture, and a follow-up discussion is planned.

7—9 April

Workshops for high school students, organised with Polish Literary Translators Association (Polish: Stowarzyszenie Tłumaczy Literatury)

HOST(S): Krzysztof Umiński, Julia Fiedorczuk, and Piotr Paziński

7-9 April, City Culture Institute

Contemporary drama translation workshops

HOST(S): Małgorzata Semil

9—10 April, City Culture Institute

Translation criticism workshops

HOST(S): Jerzy Jarniewicz

9 April, 10.00, City Culture Institute

Exclusive workshop for a group of translators from Ukraine

9 April, 15.00, Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre

The model contract between translators and publishers, and its foreign prototypes – exclusive meeting for the festival guests

In several European countries, model contracts between translators and publishers are in use which both sides can refer to while drawing literary translation agreements. The model contracts specify minimal wage levels, and terms and conditions for the further use of translation works. Polish Literary Translators Association have prepared a similar model contract submitted to Polish Chamber of Books (Polish: Polska Izba Książki), but finding the middle ground is not easy. That is why we have invited our friends from Sweden (Jan Henrik Swahn), and the UK (Antonia Lloyd-Jones) to learn how to proceed in the matter where a lot is at stake.

PARTICIPANT(S): Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Jan Henrik Swahn, Dominia Cieśla-Szymańska
HOST(S): Justyna Czechowska

EVENTS | 9—11 April 2015, Gdansk

9 April (Thursday)

Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre (address: ul. Bogusławskiego 1)

17.00 – Inauguration of the Meetings

17.10—17.30 Translation is like blood – it saves lives (of texts) – a lecture by Marta Gibińska

17.30—18.30 Szekspir and Shakespeare

PARTICIPANT(S): Marta Gibińska, Anna Cetera, Jerzy Limon
MODERATOR(S): Michał Mizera

18.30—19.00 – a series of performances All in One

Julia Fiedorczuk and Marta Ziółek

19.00—19.15 BREAK

19.15—20.15 Translation: life after life

PARTICIPANT(S): Wiesław Juszczak, Dariusz Czaja
MODERATOR(S): Magda Heydel

20.15—21.30 Found in Translation and The Book Institute (Polish: Instytut Książki) present: The writer and her translators – Olga Tokarczuk

PARTICIPANT(S): Olga Tokarczuk, Milica Markić, Jana Unuk, Jennifer Croft, Ostap Slywynsky
MODERATOR(S): Tomasz Pindel

21.30—22.00 – a series of performances All in One

Olga Tokarczuk and IP Group

10 April (Friday)

Uniwersytet Gdanski, Wydział Filologiczny (address; ul. Wita Stwosza 55, room 1.48)

10.00—11.40 (2 panels 50 minutes each)

– Polish literature in the English-speaking world

PARTICIPANT(S): Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Bill Martin, Jennifer Croft, Ursula Phillips, Soren Gauger
MODERATOR(S): Tomasz Pindel, Szymon Kloska

– Postcolonial literature in Polish: presence/absence

PARTICIPANT(S): Małgorzata Szczurek, Krzysztof Umiński, Michał Lipszyc, Tomasz Pindel MODERATOR(S): Urszula Kropiwiec

Battle of translators – Brbara Kopeć-Umiastowska and Maciej Świerkocki

HOST(S): Marcin Szuster

10 April (Friday)

City Culture Institute (room 108)

16.00—18.30 – Exclusive workshops for the translators of Olga Tokarczuk’s works hosted by the author herself

The translators participating in the meeting: Milica Markić, Jana Unuk, Jennifer Croft, Ostap Slywynsky Jan Henrik Swahn, Godun Cristina, Antonia Lloyd-Jones.

The event is co-organised by The Book Institute

City Culture Institute (address: ul. Długi Targ 39/40)

16.30—17.30 – Translation between images and words

PARTICIPANT(S): Maria Poprzęcka, Jerzy Jarniewicz;
MODERATOR(S): Grzegorz Jankowicz

17.30—18.00 – a series of performances All in One

Ignacy Karpowicz and Katarzyna Szyngiera

18.00—19.00 – Feminine rhymes. The anthology of British female poets.

Meeting with the translators of the anthology Poetesses of the Isles – Jerzy Jarniewicz and Magda Heydel

MODERATOR(S): Zofia Król

Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre (address: ul. W. Bogusławskiego 1)

20.00—22.00 – the award-presentation ceremony of The Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński Translation Work Award

The event includes Translation and the Polish question – a meeting with the nominees: Elżbieta Cygielska, Jan Gondowicz, Michał Kłobukowski, Halina Kralowa, Małgorzata Łukasiewicz, Maryna Ochab, Jacek Poniedziałek, and presenting the Award.

11 April (Saturday)

Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre (address: ul. W. Bogusławskiego 1)

11.00—12.00 The multilingual Polish language

PARTICIPANT(S): Ignacy Karpowicz, Julia Fiedorczuk, Szczepan Twardoch, Olga Tokarczuk MODERATOR(S): Justyna Czechowska

12.00—13.00 – On contemporary translations for theatre

PARTICIPANT(S): Monika Muskała, Jacek Poniedziałek, Piotr Gruszczyński
MODERATOR(S): Piotr Olkusz

13.00—13.30 – COFFEE BREAK

13.30—14.30 – Top shelf, bottom shelf, and in between

PARTICIPANT(S): Michał Kłobukowski, Barbara Kopeć-Umiastowska, Maciej Świerkocki MODERATOR(S): Anna Topczewska

14.30—15.30 – Translations and translator in the literature market

PARTICIPANT(S): Małgorzata Szczurek, Dobromiła Jankowska, Adam Pluszka
MODERATOR(S): Zofia Król