translation work award

The Tadeusz Boy–Żeleński Translation Work Award of the President of Gdańsk

The Tadeusz Boy–Żeleński Translation Work Award is a recognition of the merits and mastery of literary translators. Providing continuous exchange among national literatures, literary translation enriches culture, aids the development of humanities, and expands our understanding of the world and other people. Translation initiates new styles, enriches Polish literature and discovers what it has not yet discovered.

The aim of the Award, established by the President of the City of Gdańsk, is highlighting the rank held by translation and translator alike. It is also a voice in the debate concerning our literary culture.

The Tadeusz Boy–Żeleński Translation Award is granted in two categories: the previous two years’ best original translation into Polish and lifetime achievement in translation.

The winner of the best original translation into Polish receives 30.000 PLN, and the winner lifetime achievement in translation award receives 50.000 PLN. The Award is funded by the City of Gdańsk, and its partner is the City Culture Institute.

The Award’s patron, Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński, was a brilliant translator of French literature, as well as a doctor, historian, literary and theatrical critic, social journalist and writer. Jan Błoński dubbed him “the Shakespeare of translation”.

A handful of practical information:
a/ The winner of the Award will be appointed every two years; they shall be chosen from amongst the living translators from foreign languages into Polish.
b/ The contestants can be submitted on the basis of:
— singular works (books or cycles) published in Polish in past two years
— lifetime achievements (without publishing date limitations)
c/ Contestants can be proposed by both natural persons and legal entities; this includes:
— publishing houses
— cultural institutions
— literary media
— creative associations and unions
— universities
— writers, literary scholars and critics, translators
— members of the jury
Each of the aforementioned is allowed to nominate an unlimited number of candidates.
d/ The winner of the Award can be a single translator or a group of translators.
e/ Nominations should be submitted to the following address: Instytut Kultury Miejskiej, 80-830 Gdańsk, Długi Targ 39/40 with the header “Nagroda za Twórczość Translatorską|Translation Work Award”. Additional information can be obtained at the Institute’s Office, +58 7607216, e-mail:

1. Submission: 1st October 2018 – 30th November 2018
2. Announcement of the nominees: Februrary 2019
3. The winner shall be announced during the Gdańsk Literary Meetings “Found in Translation”, 11–13 April 2019 in Gdańsk, Poland.