Programme 2013

25 April (Thursday)
Dwór Artusa, ul. Długi Targ 43–44

All About Women
Discussion with a special guest, a Swedish writer, Majgull Axelsson
Moderator – Justyna Sobolewska, Maciej Robert
Translator – Stefan Ingvarsson
The Invisible Hand. A Translator and His Poet
Magdalena Heydel in conversation with Adam Zagajewski and his Swedish translator, Anders Bodegård
A Writer-Translator, a Translator-Writer. Can These Two Roles Be Combined?
Marek Bieńczyk, Zbigniew Kruszyński, Jacek Dehnel, Julia Fiedorczuk
Moderator: Grzegorz Jankowicz

 26 April (Friday)
Faculty of Languages at the University of Gdańsk, ul. Wita Stwosza 55

Gombrovocabulary. Discussion on the Translations of Gombrowicz into Swedish, English, and Norwegian.
Anders Bodegård, Stefan Ingvarsson, Jerzy Jarniewicz
Moderator: Agnes Banach
Flaubert Now. Discussion on Contemporary Translations of Madame Bovary.
Marek Bieńczyk, Anders Bodegård, Stanisław Rosiek
Moderator: Anna Topczewska
The Art of Translation Versus Technological Revolution on the Publishing Market.
Beata Stasińska, Justyna Czechowska, dr Marcin Miłkowski
Moderator: Sławomir Paszkiet


Stefan Ingvarsson– How to Make Picket Gaylords Properly Blown Up in Swedish Translations of Lubiewo by Witkowski.
Translator’s Reflections on the Text.
Anders Bodegård – With an Eye and Hand: A Few Words About Szymborska’s
and Her Translators’ Poetic Work.


Magdalena Heydel’ workshops (register first): That Was All He Could Do.
Translating Woolf’s „The Death Of A Moth” As an Experience.


Jerzy Jarniewicz – Translator As an Author. Succession or a Coup?
Adam Pomorski – Is Literary Translation Possible?

City Culture Institute, ul. Długi Targ 39/40

We Shouldn’t Lie. Translators for Children.
On Translating Children’s Literature.
Katarzyna Skalska, Bogusława Sochańska, Barbara Gawryluk, Tomasz Kuźmicki
Moderator: Magdalena Heydel
This meeting is open to everyone interested, also to parents with children – during the meeting,
there will be workshops for kids, organized by EneDueRabe Publishers.

Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk, ul. Szeroka 34/35, 36, 37

Glances – exhibition of portraits by Cato Lein.
Portraits of Polish and foreign writers and translators. Open till 12 May 2013.

27 April (Saturday)
The Baltic Sea Cultural Center, ul. Korzenna 33/35

Travelling and Settled Writers – Translators of the Reality
Joanna Bator, Grażyna Plebanek, Szczepan Twardoch
Moderator: Anna Dziewit-Meller
The Nightmare of Poor Translations. Translation Criticism in Poland.
Jacek Dehnel, Anna Topczewska, Justyna Sobolewska, Michał Chaciński
Moderator: Anna Dziewit–Meller


The Situation of Literary Translators in Poland. Is It Similar in Sweden?
Sławomir Paszkiet, Justyna Czechowska, Jerzy Jarniewicz, Stefan Ingvarsson
Moderator: Katarzyna Tubylewicz
Translating Poetry
Julia Fiedorczuk, Tadeusz Dąbrowski, Dariusz Suska, Irena Grönberg
Moderator: Agnieszka Wolny Hamkało